BenefitsHoney Product
Weight ManagementRosewood Tree Honey
Weight Management,
Cough & Cold Prevention,
Promotes Good Health,
Raw Honey Sampler Pack
Cough & Cold PreventionBer Tree Honey, Ginger Infused Honey
Promotes Good Health
All Products
Stress Buster, Improves SleepWild Flower Honey , Saffron Infused Honey
Skin Care Antioxidant PotentialsLitchi Tree Honey
Improves Bone Strength
Eucalyptus Tree Honey
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12 Differences between Raw and Retail Honey:

Raw HoneyRetail Honey
Comes in 50+ ColourComes in only one colour
Products are named after flower source. Manuka honey, Litchi Tree Honey EtcProducts are named as per Brand. Dabur Honey, Saffola Honey Etc.
Honey is not HeatedHoney undergoes lot of processing
Delivered straight from Bee HivesHoney is processed and then packed
Filled with Vitamins, Amino Acids, Pollen etcHoney lacks nutrition because of processing
Honey crystalizes in winterHoney stays in liquid form
Anti viral and Bacterial PropertiesNo such benefit
Replicates comb structure when added to waterNo such effect
Superior Aroma and FlavourPlain Flavour
Foams formationHoney is processed so there is no foam formation
Viscosity is different for all productsAll products have same viscosity
Can also be applied in eyesNo such benefit
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