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2.5 Kg Raw Honey - All Types Available

2.5 Kg Raw Honey - All Types Available

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👉 Honey Varieties available: Ber Tree Honey, Rosewood Tree Honey, Wild Flower Honey. Litchi Tree Honey, Eucalyptus Tree Honey, Ajwain Honey

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 132 reviews
    Mohammad Abdulsattar -
    Trust on scrolling bee

    Second time I ordered. Honey satisfied me, customer service and delivery fast. Scrolling bee team satisfying customer

    Kunal Sharma -

    I liked it

    Bad packing

    Earlier I ordered ber honey in 2and half ltr can, it got solidified and the opening is very small , spoon can't go in to get the honey, please use cans with bigger mouth !

    Annada Samal -

    2.5 Kg Raw Honey - All Types Available


    2.5 Kg Raw Honey - All Types Available

    Ritesh Ranjan

    2.5 Kg Raw Honey - All Types Available


    2.5 Kg Raw Honey - All Types Available

    Mr Rehan
    Nice product

    I bought Rosewood tree honey few months ago honey quality was very authentic & de prices are also reasonable if you opt for 2.5 kg pack now em buying again dis time Wild Flower honey thanks to scrolling bee team great Work 👍

    Kishan Ks


    Sardi mai zam gaya

    Jab organic hai to thand mai zam kaise raha hai

    Hello sir, because we don't heat honey, it crystalizes completely in winter - MNC companies heat honey to very high temperatures which reduces the moisture, and honey doesn't crystalize - but this deteriorates the quality of honey because essential nutrition is also reduced by heating. They heat the honey to prevent it from fermentation. MNC companies procure honey from many beekeepers and they buy honey with high moisture levels.

    As we make our own honey - we try to keep moisture under control so that we don't have to worry about fermentation.

    Honey from natural tree hives also doesn't crystalise also because it has very little moisture naturally.

    when we do beekeeping we can't able to reach the moisture level like a tree hive, that is the only difference between our product and natural tree hive honey (moisture level), other than this the product quality is almost identical

    12 Differences between Raw and Retail Honey:

    Raw HoneyRetail Honey
    Comes in 50+ ColourComes in only one colour
    Products are named after flower source. Manuka honey, Litchi Tree Honey EtcProducts are named as per Brand. Dabur Honey, Saffola Honey Etc.
    Honey is not HeatedHoney undergoes lot of processing
    Delivered straight from Bee HivesHoney is processed and then packed
    Filled with Vitamins, Amino Acids, Pollen etcHoney lacks nutrition because of processing
    Honey crystalizes in winterHoney stays in liquid form
    Anti viral and Bacterial PropertiesNo such benefit
    Replicates comb structure when added to waterNo such effect
    Superior Aroma and FlavourPlain Flavour
    Foams formationHoney is processed so there is no foam formation
    Viscosity is different for all productsAll products have same viscosity
    Can also be applied in eyesNo such benefit

    Foreign Sugar Test Report