Raw Honey Sampler Pack - 1200g

Raw Honey Sampler Pack - 1200g

Raw Honey Sampler Pack - 1200g

In this Package: This package contains six Raw Honey Glass Jars: 1. Ber Tree Honey...
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In this Package:

This package contains six Raw Honey Glass Jars:

1. Ber Tree Honey -200g 

2. Rosewood Tree Honey - 200g

3. Ajwain Honey - 200g

4. Eucalyptus Tree Honey - 200g

5. Litchi Tree Honey - 200g

6. Multi Flora Honey - 200g


1. Ber Tree Honey  helps with cold & cough


2. Ber Tree Honey is Rich In Vitamin C


3. Eucalyptus Tree Honey is packed with antibacterial properties


4. Eucalyptus Honey works wonders for Cold and Flu.


5. Litchi Tree Honey improves Blood circulation.


6.  Litchi Tree Honey  is used in Face packs & Face masks


7. Litchi Tree Honey  is packed with Antioxidants


8. Rosewood Tree Honey is an excellent weight loss agent.


9. Rosewood Tree Honey is Used as a facemask to remove blackheads.


10. Ajwain Honey helps with acidity problems


11. Ajwain Honey promotes overall good health


12. Multi Flora Honey is excellent for promoting sleep and reducing stress


13. Multi Flora Honey is a good Souce of Vitamin C


  • 👉No preservatives

  • 👉No Artificial color

  • 👉This product is edible


What is Raw Honey?

It is straight-out-of-the-hive honey. During the Honey harvesting season, we extract this raw honey in Vessels and store it at our facility. Raw Honey is unprocessed.



Are these added Honey Flavours? 

We have not added any Flavours to the Honey. The product name is derived from the flower source from where honey is extracted.

For Example, Litchi Tree Honey is extracted from Litchi Tree Flowers, Rosewood Tree Honey is extracted from Rosewood Tree Flowers.

These are 100% raw and unprocessed honey without any additional flavors or coloring.



What is your Money Refund policy?

We have a 30-day money refund policy. If you don't like the products you purchased, you can return them within 30 days for a full refund.




Which all locations do you deliver to?

Currently, we are sending our products to all pin codes in India




Shipping Charges and Delivery Time:

Shipping is free on all orders. Orders are delivered in 4-5 days across India.

Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Pradyuman Kumar agnihotri -
As of now good

As of now no sweetener taste and no artificial taste

Ashok pachani
Best hony

Very good quelety


Good product

Pure honey


Rajat .

Ok wait so let me tell you that I personally beleived thay the product will be amazing the thing is that I did not understand the concept of different labels on the jars of trees and the other thing is my parents somehow did not approve of yur product they say its all impure things are mixed and then served other than that wibt thw raste and all I think it was good.

Thank you sir for your support :)

Junaid Mir
5 ⭐ star

5 star ⭐ it was awesome

Rakesh Tripathi -
Yet Exploring the Product & Taste

Yet Exploring the Product & Taste ,
Seems like it's not pure as committed, in one Bootle mixed sugar is start coming visible now.
Rest, will update and if required intimate for return.

Sir the sugar you are referencing to is Honey Crystallization. It is common in raw honey - in our warehouse almost all honey freezes in winter.

The below article is from intertek who conducts lab testing for honey purity


Sir, you can refer to the below video to decrystallize it.


ankitaben patel
Best quality honey ever

Packing was amazing. Aroma and test of honey is so good.

Nikunj Parmar

Raw Honey Sampler Pack - 1200g

Gaurav Chitkara

80% sugar

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