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Scrolling Bee

6.5 Kg Raw Honey - All Types Available

6.5 Kg Raw Honey - All Types Available

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👉 Honey Varieties available: Ber Tree Honey, Rosewood Tree Honey, Wild Flower Honey

👉 Delivery in 5-6 Days


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Shamon VA
    Good product.!!

    Recommend to buy!!! 👍👍

    Deepak Chouhan
    Excellent Honey

    We are very much satisfied with the honey quality.

    jennifer sarita

    item was lost in transit.. funny

    Jalaluddin Khan


    Rakesh -

    6.5 Kg Raw Honey - All Types Available

    Irfan Ahmad
    Almost there,

    It tastes perfect, like pure and original, but don’t understand why the viscosity is less.. and I don’t live in hot area and it is still winters in Kashmir.

    Tariq Masoodi

    The container was not seal and almost 1kg was missing
    Thank you

    Hello Sir, all containers are sealed with cap locks.

    The jars are big in size and have capacity to carry more honey because of which it remains slightly less filled

    Bobby T

    have tried many brands and found scrolling bee honey are the best available...
    pure...natural... good texture...

    Putta Paparao
    Good honey

    Good raw honey 👌6.5kg amazing taste.

    Arvind Sharma -
    True to the words

    Great taste, one can feel the perfect raw flavor. Timely delivery. Value for money.

    Thank you Arvind for taking out time to review us. we are delighted that you liked the quality of the products. Looking forward to serving you again :)

    12 Differences between Raw and Retail Honey:

    Raw HoneyRetail Honey
    Comes in 50+ ColourComes in only one colour
    Products are named after flower source. Manuka honey, Litchi Tree Honey EtcProducts are named as per Brand. Dabur Honey, Saffola Honey Etc.
    Honey is not HeatedHoney undergoes lot of processing
    Delivered straight from Bee HivesHoney is processed and then packed
    Filled with Vitamins, Amino Acids, Pollen etcHoney lacks nutrition because of processing
    Honey crystalizes in winterHoney stays in liquid form
    Anti viral and Bacterial PropertiesNo such benefit
    Replicates comb structure when added to waterNo such effect
    Superior Aroma and FlavourPlain Flavour
    Foams formationHoney is processed so there is no foam formation
    Viscosity is different for all productsAll products have same viscosity
    Can also be applied in eyesNo such benefit

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