Wild Flower Honey- 1 Kg

Wild Flower Honey- 1 Kg

Wild Flower Honey/Multi Flora Honey:   👉 Multi Flora Honey is harvested in May month in...
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Wild Flower Honey/Multi Flora Honey:


👉 Multi Flora Honey is harvested in May month in Himachal Pradesh. During the spring season, when new flowers blossom, honey bees visit these flowers for their nectar. These bees visit hundreds of types of flowers for nectar and thus the name Multi Flora Honey.



  • 👉Improves Blood Circulation

  • 👉Sleep Promoter & Stress Buster

  • 👉Excellent for the immune system.

  • 👉 Is a good source of Vitamin C

In this Package:


👉You will receive raw unprocessed ready to use Honey of size 1 Kg in 1 single glass jar bottle.


  • 👉No preservatives
  • 👉No Artificial color
  • 👉This product is edible


What is Raw Honey?

It is straight-out-of-the-hive honey. During the Honey harvesting season, we extract this raw honey in Vessels and store it at our facility. Raw Honey is unprocessed.



Are these added Honey Flavours? 

We have not added any Flavours to the Honey. The product name is derived from the flower source from where honey is extracted.

For Example, Litchi Tree Honey is extracted from Litchi Tree Flowers, Rosewood Tree Honey is extracted from Rosewood Tree Flowers.

These are 100% raw and unprocessed honey without any additional flavors or coloring.



What is your Money Refund policy?

We have a 30-day money refund policy. If you don't like the products you purchased, you can return them within 30 days for a full refund.




Which all locations do you deliver to?

Currently, we are sending our products to all pincodes in India




Shipping Charges and Delivery Time:

Shipping is free on all orders. Orders are delivered in 4-5 days across India.

Customer Reviews

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Jayaprakash Pillai
Fantastic product

Very much happy with the product. Health benefits are good. My cholesterol levels came within limits especially triglycerides.
I was a bit doubtful about my sugar levels, however the honey never spiked my sugar levels and the same is within limits.
My intake is one tablespoon in warm water 30 mins before bed.
Thanks Scrolling bee for this wonderful product. This is my second bottle from you.

Thank you sir for the your review and appreciation.

Looking forward to serve you again

Tanya Awasthy
Yummy honey

The multifloral honey is absolutely scrumptious, thank you, Scrolling Bee! I just wish the packaging was eco-friendly.

Rajat malik -

Worth for money

gaurav kashyap

Wild Flower Honey- 1 Kg

Rudra Pandey

It was good,i am satisfied

Good quality honey

Very good quality honey. Thanks

Wild Flower Honey

Very nice honey… Happy with the quality of this honey

Dr Amit Pradhan

Wild Flower Honey- 1 Kg

Wild Flower Honey

I feel Honey is natural but the taste is too sweet and just tastes like sugar. Raw raw honey is usually thicker but it looks like liquid.Please clarify sir.

Hello sir, Honey sweetness will depend on flower source - for example Ajwain honey is sweet with a hint of bitterness and litchi tree honey has a slight tangy taste

Sandeep Kamal

Wild Flower Honey- 1 Kg

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