Rajiv Dixit's Honey Theory

Rajiv Dixit's Honey Theory

Rajiv Dixit was one of the most celebrated commentators of preserving traditional Indian lifestyle and was strictly against the way Britishers, Modernization and Globalization have resulted in deterioration of Indian Values.



 👉 We believe Rajiv Dixit was the only Indian modern scholar who was able to explain in detail how food impacts our health and how eating the wrong food can lead to various illnesses in our body. 



 👉 According to him, we can get rid of 90% of the health problems of our body without the help of any doctor or medication if we can actively control our bodies below three functions:



  • Vaat

  • Pitt

  • Cough







 👉 He has suggested all these three body functions can be balanced by adding below foods to our diet:




  • Unrefined oil for better Vaat function 

  • Desi ghee for the proper functioning of Pitt, 

  • and, honey for proper cough function




 👉 He had mentioned that by doing this, we could fight almost 128 preventable diseases. We at scrolling be are committed to bringing the best raw honey to our customers.



 👉 Conclusion: According to him honey is the best food to improve bodies cough function.