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Scrolling Bee

Eucalyptus Tree Honey

Eucalyptus Tree Honey

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 👉This honey is harvested from Eucalyptus globulus, an evergreen tree from all Eucalyptus species.

👉This honey is harvested in the months of March & April in Haryana & Punjab. Beehives are placed near Eucalyptus trees in farms or near water canals for Eucalyptus honey production. 


👉Increases immunity

👉Antibacterial properties

👉Eucalyptus Honey works wonders for Skin Care

👉This honey is a product of nomadic beekeeping and is produced naturally.

👉It is single strained to retain maximum pollen and propolis

👉 Its low in Glycemic Index and ideal for users who go to gym and workout

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Sombir Singh
Ordered 3rd Time

Very Gd..Everyone must Use this

Mrunalini Gole
Eucalyptus honey

Good product

Poonam Rao
very authentic

I love the honey, i have ordered multiple times and its my favorite brand of honey!!

Prateek Bhutani
just like regular honey

same taste and quality like dabur or saffola honey. Same viscosity same taste. it is not like raw honey, they are charging 5 times more in the name of raw honey.

Ashish Goel
best honey

best honey i ever eat


It was really nice

Genuine product

So far I have no complaints with the product. 100% honey, I regularly consume honey on a daily basis since past 14 years and it's been around 4 - 5 months I have switched to Scrolling Bee. I never thought it would be as advertised, well I was wrong. The honey is pure and un adulterated, slightly expensive but definitely worth buying and consuming.

Jamshed C ㅤ
Eucalyptus tree honey

Very good and quick delivery but before delivery SMS is a must because people are not always at home.

Roshan Bhandary
Eucalyptus Tree Honey, purchasing a bottle ever since the company started.

The raw honey bought from here at Scrolling Bee is genuine and also fresh. I have ordered a bunch of them and sure about the quality. While writing this review I am ordering another 1kg honey from scrolling bees, mine just got over a few days ago. Keep up the good work!

Harshad Choudhary -

Honey is truly original I personally tested and it was 💯 natural no added sugar

12 Differences between Raw and Retail Honey:

Raw HoneyRetail Honey
Comes in 50+ ColourComes in only one colour
Products are named after flower source. Manuka honey, Litchi Tree Honey EtcProducts are named as per Brand. Dabur Honey, Saffola Honey Etc.
Honey is not HeatedHoney undergoes lot of processing
Delivered straight from Bee HivesHoney is processed and then packed
Filled with Vitamins, Amino Acids, Pollen etcHoney lacks nutrition because of processing
Honey crystalizes in winterHoney stays in liquid form
Anti viral and Bacterial PropertiesNo such benefit
Replicates comb structure when added to waterNo such effect
Superior Aroma and FlavourPlain Flavour
Foams formationHoney is processed so there is no foam formation
Viscosity is different for all productsAll products have same viscosity
Can also be applied in eyesNo such benefit

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