Raw Honey for wounds

Raw honey actually helps promote wound healing. It does this because at least 61 different compounds found in raw honey boost immune system function that help fight infection-causing bacteria and fungi associated with wound infections (Honey: its use and application).

Raw honey is also able to pull moisture from the air and hydrate dry wounds. This is why some feel if you put a bit in your tea it will soothe a sore throat. It works great on wounds too! If you are looking for something that will keep the wound moist, raw honey would be your best bet.

The article at www.livestrong.com explains that "Honey contains hydrogen peroxide, which acts as an antiseptic agent that kills bacteria found in wound infections", but goes on to say that the amount of hydrogen peroxide in raw honey is not high enough to destroy all types of bacteria (see below). One would assume this means you still need to make sure the infected area is getting proper attention and that you might still require antibiotics. They also explain that, "honey can fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria because it does not allow the bacteria to develop resistance".

This article www.prevention.com supports this by saying: raw honey contains hydrogen peroxide and bee defensin-1, which together work to inhibit the growth of bacteria in wound infections.

" The article goes on to say that along with inhibiting bacterial growth raw honey also stimulates white blood cells responsible for fighting infection while also reducing swelling, promoting healing and decreasing pain naturally.  As I mentioned before, raw honey is able to pull moisture from the air so it helps keep wounds moist making it a great dressing for burns too!  


The Prevention magazine article also adds that the antimicrobial properties of raw honey are effective against fungi, yeast and even viruses. The article also states that "there are no documented studies to suggest [raw honey is] harmful in any way when used topically."  


This makes me happy because my youngest daughter gets quite a few bumps and bruises (you know they happen), so I like knowing I am not scrubbing her skin with chemicals or preventing healing by using nothing at all!

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