Raw honey for acne

Raw honey for acne

Raw honey for acne is an old folk remedy with a number of benefits. Benefits include:  soothing skin, promoting skin regeneration and reducing inflammation in the skin (Benton). The local health food store and even online stores like Amazon or eBay offer raw honey for acne treatment. This article will describe how to use raw honey for acne scars and other common problems with the skin such as blackheads, whiteheads and dryness .


It's important to note that this isn't some sort of specialized cosmetic product containing only "natural" ingredients. Raw honey is actually a product available at any grocery store, although it might be more expensive than regular mass market varieties of honey. Many people buy unpasteurized or raw honey, because it is believed that fewer unwanted ingredients are included in this type of honey.


Raw honey for acne treatment, step by step:


1. Clean your face thoroughly BEFORE applying raw honey to your skin - do not rinse off with water! Any residue could potentially disrupt the raw honey's acne fighting abilities.


2. Apply a small amount of raw honey to the affected areas of the skin (generally one or two tablespoons should be enough). For best results, use 100% real AUTHENTIC RAW HONEY and NOT processed supermarket varieties.


  3. Leave on overnight, or at least 8 hours before washing off with tepid water only . No soap! As already mentioned above, any residue might possibly interfere with the helpful properties contained in the honey.


4. The next morning, wash face with tepid water ONLY! If you notice any drying or flaking of the skin, try using a very small amount of raw honey and spread it evenly over your skin. Otherwise, continue to leave on overnight and repeat the treatment daily until all acne is gone.


5. Once acne is gone, reduce treatment frequency according to how your skin reacts - for best results use once every two days initially and then see how your skin reacts before deciding when/how often to use this product again in the future.


Raw honey for acne: application tips  People generally prefer using raw honey masks because they feel that this type of mask leaves their face feeling softer afterwards (not tight or dry). You can use this natural acne remedy as part of your morning or night time skin care routine. If you prefer, you could also sleep with the mask on and wash it off in the morning before applying any other moisturizers.


Raw honey for acne treatment: what about blackheads and whiteheads?  Most people find that raw honey works well to remove blackheads and whiteheads (comedones) from their faces without leaving significant red marks behind. That's because raw honey is bacteriostatic; it doesn't allow bacteria to reproduce which might otherwise lead to inflammatory problems such as acne outbreaks (Benton). Using raw honey for acne scars will reduce the chances of further scarring after inflammation has been reduced by using this.

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