Does Raw Honey have sugar in it?

Does Raw Honey have sugar in it?

👉 Honey bees visit a flower and extract the nectar of this flower. This nectar is also called by the name sucrose, which is the chemical name for the white sugar or the table sugar.



👉 Honey bees break this sucrose into Fructose and glucose in their stomach to convert this into Honey. Fructose and glucose are our bodies' preferred form of sweeteners because:



  1. You need less of them. Fructose is way sweeter than sucrose, which means less daily carbohydrates intake.

  2. Your blood sugar does not spike quickly after using them because of the low Glycemic Index (GI) of Honey.

  3. Apart from Fructose and Glucose, Honey is packed with amino acids, pollen & antioxidants.

  4. White sugar has a GI of 65, while most floral varieties of raw honey have a GI that ranges from 35 to 55.


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