Raw Honey Vs Regular Honey

Raw Honey Vs Regular Honey

What Are the Main Differences Between Raw and Regular Honey?



 👉 1. Raw honey is unprocessed or minimally processed, whereas Regular honey is processed to improve its shelf life, consistency, texture, taste, color, viscosity, etc.


 👉 2. Raw honey is more nutritious; it has a wide range of vitamins and minerals. It contains 30 types of bioactive plants & approximately 22 amino acids.


 👉 3. Regular honey does not have bee pollen, whereas Raw honey has massive quantities of bee pollen. Studies have found that its bee pollen may help fight inflammation and improve liver function. It also has properties that may help fight against heart disease and stroke.


 👉 4. Raw honey is not organic honey. Raw honey is produced by beekeepers and is sold un-processed to keep its nutrients intact. 



 👉 5. Regular Honey may have Artificial Sugar: To make honey consistent regular honey is processed via different methods that you can check online. This generally leads to adding external components and which may make the regular honey adulterated. Whereas, Raw Honey generally does not have adulteration.