Is raw honey good for you?

Honey is a type of natural sweetener made by bees and was used as a food staple for humans ever since we learned to keep domesticated honeybees. Not only does it taste delicious, but there are also many benefits and uses for raw honey in our everyday lives. This article will explore the advantages of raw honey.



In a study, researchers found that raw honey contains more antioxidants than processed honey. Studies have also shown that raw honey has anti-inflammatory properties that help with allergies and other health ailments. For centuries, apitherapy (the use of bee products to treat diseases) was an accepted medical treatment for conditions like arthritis, skin disorders, wounds, and burns.


Honey is flavorless when it's first produced by bees but the enzymes in the nectar go through a process called "ripening" where they break down the sugars into acids which give honey its distinct taste. The bacteria inside the hives will also digest this sugar creating alcohol which contributes to the famously rich flavors found in different types of honey. According to scientists, there are about 300 unique flavors in raw honey like citrus, smokey and spicy.