Raw honey for allergies

Raw honey for allergies

A lot of people will tell you that honey is good for allergies. However, I think many of them are just repeating what others have said and they're not sure why it helps allergies. Well, the answer is that honey contains tiny amounts of pollen from flowers and herbs which can decrease or even eliminate your allergy symptoms for that specific type of pollen.

If you check the scientific studies section in the last page you'll notice some interesting results on two brands of honey given to asthmatics with allergies to various pollens. Also if you look in the dosage section under Pollen extract tablets I've listed how much extract per dose to help with specific allergies.
The most effective way would be to get raw local honey closest to where you live that contains all the different types of pollen you're allergic to. It might take a bit of trial and error if you have more than one allergy, but it's worth it if your allergies are serious.

Once you find the type/brand of honey that works best for you I would suggest getting a 5 lb or larger container so you'll always have a bottle in the house and will never run out. You can get a smaller jar if it will fit in your budget, but I'd rather have too much than not enough especially since local raw honey is usually inexpensive compared to other brands.

Raw honey takes time to work, so when first starting out with it spread out how much you eat each day by no more than 1/2 tbsp at a time. It can take up to 3 weeks before you'll start feeling the effects of the honey. Honey is most effective when taken daily, so try not to miss any doses. And lastly, I'd suggest putting it in something other than water because it will just wash off some of the pollen that helps with your allergies.

Some people recommend eating raw local honey around the time flowers are pollinating or when there's high pollen counts, but this isn't necessary and too much might cause problems if you're severely allergic to one particular type of pollen. Just eat 2-3 tbsp per day spread out over the year without missing any doses and you should be able to significantly reduce or even eliminate your allergy symptoms for much less money than allergy medication costs.

If your allergies are so bad you still need some type of medication, try taking the honey 2 hours before your allergy attack medicine so it will have time to start working. Then if you take the allergy pill about an hour after that, hopefully you'll have enough pollen in your system from the honey that your medication will be even more effective at relieving your symptoms. If possible I'd suggest trying to use both meds together the first few times until you see if using them together every time is right for you.