Story of Honey:


From Farms to your Dining Table:



1. A Box Full of Bees:


Beekeeping is big business in India. Anyone who wishes to start this business goes in the market or to the existing beekeeper to buy bee boxes which look something like this: 






In each of these boxes, there are around 80,000 bees. In each box, you will find worker bee, male bees, and one queen bee.



The role of the queen bee is to reproduce, and in one box, there can only be one queen bee. The purpose of worker bees is to produce honey and taking care of newly laid eggs by the queen bee.





The role of the male bee is helping the queen reproduce; they don’t go out and collect honey. When the queen lays new eggs, if any queen bee is born, it is instantly killed. But, if the main queen bee gets old and stops producing fresh eggs, it is killed by the worker bees. 



During the peak season, when there is enough honey to eat, queen bees fly from the boxes and make beehives on the nearby trees, and then they can be kept in new boxes, and that is how the number of boxes can grow, and business expands.



In the old box, a new queen is born, which is now raised by worker bees, then the new queen starts laying eggs. The average life of worker bee is 43 days whereas the life of the queen bee is two years.


In the below  image bee with 36 number is the queen bee.





2. Bees on food hunt:



Bees have a radius of 400 sq mt to find nectar and bring back to the boxes. In peak seasons, they go flower to flower to find nectar, and they come back only to there own boxes with the nectar if they go to any other box they get killed by the inhabitants. As you know, Bees are aggressive. 😊 







3. Bees during no flower season:


Honey cannot be produced in hot summers or when there are not enough flowers.



To deal with this, beekeepers can take the bee boxes to places where they can find the flowers. For example, if there is a peak summer near Delhi, you can take the boxes near Dehradun, which is 250 km away, and their bees will get the flower to make nectar. But will it also able to make the honey from extractions and how much will it cost to take 100’s of boxes to such distance. After economic calculation, a beekeeper can decide on this.



Sugar syrup is given to keep them alive and not to produce honey. Certain antibiotics are necessary for beekeeping; business dynamics do not work without them.




4. Processed vs Raw Honey


The term Raw honey referred to the honey, which is directly taken out from the bee boxes, and generally, it can be eaten directly.






Any honey which is  reformed from its original state is termed as processed honey, and it can be  done for various reasons like:




  • maintaining a standard quality
  • keeping the product consistency
  • ease in processing large quantities of honey




    5. Why should you buy from us:



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