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Scrolling Bee

Wild Flower Honey

Wild Flower Honey

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👉 Multi Flora Honey is harvested in May month in Himachal Pradesh. During the spring season, when new flowers blossom, honey bees visit these flowers for their nectar. These bees visit hundreds of types of flowers for nectar and thus the name Multi Flora Honey. 


👉Improves Blood Circulation

👉Sleep Promoter & Stress Buster

👉Excellent for the immune system.

👉 Is a good source of Vitamin C

👉This honey is a product of nomadic beekeeping and is produced naturally.

👉It is single strained to retain maximum pollen and propolis

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Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews

One of the best honey I have purchased

Nice product


Abhijit Roy
Really genuine raw honey

Really good taste and as I have prior experience of raw honey I found the taste similar so can safely say no sweetner mixed with the honey.

Gindam Ram Mohan

Packing , quality of hony is amazing
Thankyou so much

Praveen BM

Wild Flower Honey

Nayana Shivappa

Wild Flower Honey

Good., but one doubt, for how much time / Period Honey will be presreved, any Expiry date

👍👍👍, is there any expiry date for Honey.

Dhrubada Bhuyan
Very Good 👍

It's really a very good initiative 👏
I will keep on ordering as and when I need good and 100% pure quality Raw Honey 🍯

Achutharam R
Wild Flower Honey from our store Scrolling Bee.

Best quality product and it is fine raw honey. Thanks , my next order I want the best honey. please advise

Hello sir, In North India, beekeeping is done from October to May

Honey extraction months:

Ber Tree Honey - October & November
Ajwain Honey - November & December
Litchi Tree Honey - November & December
Eucalyptus Tree Honey - November, Feb & March
Rosewood Tree Honey - March & April
Multiflora/wild flower Honey - April & May

If you are looking to order honey for immunity, you can order now Litchi OR Ajwain OR Eucalyptus OR Ber as they are new in stock

avijit (choton) das


12 Differences between Raw and Retail Honey:

Raw HoneyRetail Honey
Comes in 50+ ColourComes in only one colour
Products are named after flower source. Manuka honey, Litchi Tree Honey EtcProducts are named as per Brand. Dabur Honey, Saffola Honey Etc.
Honey is not HeatedHoney undergoes lot of processing
Delivered straight from Bee HivesHoney is processed and then packed
Filled with Vitamins, Amino Acids, Pollen etcHoney lacks nutrition because of processing
Honey crystalizes in winterHoney stays in liquid form
Anti viral and Bacterial PropertiesNo such benefit
Replicates comb structure when added to waterNo such effect
Superior Aroma and FlavourPlain Flavour
Foams formationHoney is processed so there is no foam formation
Viscosity is different for all productsAll products have same viscosity
Can also be applied in eyesNo such benefit

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