Can dogs eat raw honey?

Can dogs eat raw honey?

Some people might love the taste and sweet delight of a cup of steaming hot coffee with fresh cream, but it can be fatal for their dog. The same goes with raw honey. While it is quite safe for humans to take in raw honey, too much can cause life-threatening seizures or tremors for your pooch.


Just like chocolate , salt, grapes, onions , seeds , yeast dough and macadamia nuts , raw honey contains toxins that are harmful to your furry friend's health if ingested in large quantities. These substances are called 'antinutrients,' which means they interfere with the absorption of other nutrients. If you have noticed your canine's behavior become erratic after licking his paws after being outside, honey could be the cause.

Raw honey is honey that has not been filtered or pasteurized. It also does not contain added sugars, syrups or other ingredients, so it's pure honey in its most natural form.

As experts have attested , honey in any form can pose health risks to your pet if given in large amounts over time. This includes raw honey in addition to commercial honey . It would also depend on your dog's breed and weight when determining how much of the sweet stuff they can ingest at one sitting.

Generally speaking ,  if your pooch goes into diabetic shock after he eats some honey, then you should take him right away to his vet for treatment since this requires immediate medical attention. If you are feeding your dog honey, then monitor how much he gets in two weeks to see if there are any negative effects before moving forward.

A honey bee can produce only one teaspoonful of honey in its lifetime . This means that in order for us to have enough honey in the world, honey bees have to work very hard. As pets or livestock, honey is quite beneficial when given sparingly to dogs and other animals. However, it is often sold as a superfood so people feed their pets honey by the spoonful without realizing they are actually giving them too much sugar .

You do not want your beloved furry friend developing Type 2 diabetes like humans do , right? So you must practice moderation with his intake of honey. Unheated

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