Ber Tree Honey

Ber Tree Honey

Ber-Jujube Tree Honey:   👉 Ber Tree Honey is harvested from Ber- Jujube tree flowers in the...
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Ber-Jujube Tree Honey:


👉 Ber Tree Honey is harvested from Ber- Jujube tree flowers in the month of October and November in Rajasthan and Haryana. 

👉 Ber Tree Honey is one of the rarest available Honeys and is harvested mostly once a year from the Ber Trees which are present in desert regions of  Rajasthan and Haryana. 

👉This honey is slightly reddish and has a fruity flavor. To extract this honey, beehives are placed in Ber farms.

👉Ber honey is very thick and has very less water content. Ber honey is used extensively in desserts & sweet products for its excellent taste.

👉 It is neither artificially flavored nor infused. It is procured through nomadic beekeeping.



  • 👉It is excellent honey for immunity

  • 👉Helps you with Cold and Cough

  • 👉 Ber tree honey is dark in colour and has powerful medicinal properties.

  • 👉 Packed with vitamin C, a potent antioxidant, ber fruit triggers the immune response and fights infections.

  • 👉This honey is a product of nomadic beekeeping and is produced naturally.

  • 👉It is single strained to retain maximum pollen and propolis

In this Package:


👉You will receive raw unprocessed ready to use honey.

👉No preservative - No Artificial color

👉This product is edible.



    What is Raw Honey?

    It is straight-out-of-the-hive honey. During the Honey harvesting season, we extract this raw honey in Vessels and store it at our facility. Raw Honey is unprocessed.



    Are these added Honey Flavours? 

    We have not added any Flavours to the Honey. The product name is derived from the flower source from where honey is extracted.

    For Example, Litchi Tree Honey is extracted from Litchi Tree Flowers, Rosewood Tree Honey is extracted from Rosewood Tree Flowers.

    These are 100% raw and unprocessed honey without any additional flavours or colouring. 

    What is your Money Refund policy?

    We have a 30-day money refund policy. If you don't like the products you purchased, you can return them within 30 days for a full refund.




    Which all locations do you deliver to?

    Currently, we are sending our products to all pincodes in India




    Shipping Charges and Delivery Time:

    Shipping is free. All Orders are delivered in 4-5 days across India.



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    Mamta Sinha

    Feels authentic

    Prem Batra -

    Excellent product honey raw

    Vasanth T P
    A really good product.

    Very much happy with the packaging and delivery. The honey bottle was well packed and cushioned. The taste is different from the usual bottled honey that we get in stores.

    Govind Singh
    Nice one

    Good one


    amazingly delicious!!!

    S arumugam -
    Money worthy product

    Good one

    Jagjit singh jaggi -

    Ber Tree Honey

    Amit -

    Fantasy & Geniune product ..

    Rajiv Roy

    This item is not delivered to me

    Dibya Ranjan Mallick
    Genuine product

    Product quality is very good

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