What does Raw honey look like?

What does Raw honey look like?

👉 Regular honey is like coca-cola; it is consistent in taste, color, texture, and viscosity universally (as per brand name and company offerings).



But when we talk about raw honey:



  1. Mustard honey is slightly yellow in color and freezes at room temperature, and it is a preferred source of sweetener in American & European restaurants.

  2. Jamun honey is dark in color.

  3. Ber honey is red.

  4. Sunflower honey is red, and it freezes in a few weeks of harvesting at the room temperature.

  5. Eucalyptus & rosewood tree honey are amber in color.



👉 Also, the sweetness and taste of these honey products vary as per season & climatic conditions like temperature, rains, sunlight, etc. of the particular year of harvest.



👉 The Fructose & sucrose value also varies in these products. White sugar has a GI of 65, while most floral types of raw honey have a GI that ranges from 35 to 55.



👉 Also, every raw honey has the inherent nutritional properties of the nectars flower source plant or tree.