Benefits of Local Honey

Benefits of Local Honey

Why local honey is the best: local beekeepers in local neighborhoods who care about local honey and local customers.

Ever heard of local honey? If not, we'll tell you what it is and why it's so much better than regular ol' commercialized honey.

Where does Honey come from? Honey comes from bees feeding on nectar from flowers. In turn, these little insects get their sugary meal from a variety of flowers across different seasons. Different types of flowering plants determine the flavor, color and texture of your favorite amber-colored sweetener.

Why Does Local Bee Pollen Have Special Benefits?: Local pollen consumed by local bees has special benefits for local people! Local pollen contains all sorts of beneficial compounds for agroclimatic conditions of local regions.

How local beekeepers make local honey: local bees are cared for by local beekeepers who collect their harvest and transform it into local raw honey. This is done in small batches of about 50 lbs of honey or less, which guarantees that all the benefits will be preserved for your health.

Why local honey is better than regular honey: local honeys tend to have slightly different flavor profiles depending on the flowers where they're made. For example, orange blossom taste like oranges while blueberry honey tastes just like you think it does!

What is local Pollen? Local pollen belongs to specific types of plants found only in local areas close to the neighborhoods of local beekeepers who care about making this delicious food. Local pollen provides local people with local health benefits.

What are local Beekeepers? local beekeepers are individuals who care about local honey and local customers. local beekeepers feed local bees local pollen from local plants to produce raw local honey that's better for you, your family and your neighborhood!

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